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Creating Golden Relationships

Learn to create golden relationships by rekindling old sparks or navigating any challenges you may be currently experiencing in your relationship. You my be facing the first hurdle with your partner or you may have been harbouring doubts and fears for months or even years. Whether your relationship is in trouble or if it's about deepening your existing bond, Love Now can help you.

Love Now shares with you proven methods to help you deal with any challenges. This can prevent them from getting worse and possibly spiralling out of control.

Love Now shares skills to create the best relationships possible—that is golden relationships. Deborah has developed strategies to help create vital partnerships that will enhance your energy, creativity and happiness.

Common relationship challenges include:

1. Explosive anger or withholding love
2. Lack of communication
2. Insecurities and fear based motivation
3. Absence of trust between partners
4. Acting out on difficult emotions such as jealousy or hurt
5. Forgetting the positive and only seeing the negative
6. Resisting things that are out of your control
7. Extended family pressures

Love Now explains in a simple yet profound way, the effect of conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviour in your relationships. It looks at the roles you can play and how any projections can prevent you from experiencing meaningful and genuine connections. This e-course helps you to identify and transform any unconscious patterns that sabotage your best intentions.

Love Now explains how you must first develop and improve yourself before you can improve your bond with your partner, by enabling you to be less reactive and instead, respond in calm and loving ways.

It is possible to create new behaviours, as changing yourself is something that you can control. While there are many who are unable to maintain long term relationships, there are also many, who experience wonderful relationships, that last a lifetime.

Love Now can help you to unlock the code of your relationship to create long-term happiness. It is possible for you and your partner to handle problems that used to end in frustration, guilt and tears, to now be resolved with ease and grace. This is because this e-course can help you to speak and listen to your partner in new, loving ways. Love Now will help you to spot any early signs of discomfort and to know the exact steps to take. This will reconnect you to your partner leading to a deeper understanding and newfound mutual respect.

You will learn how to:

1. Balance the need for closeness with the need for autonomy
2. Communicate inpo sitive ways that does not lead to arguments
3. Create more peace and happiness in your relationship
4. Recognise and navigate any relationship triggers
5. Separate your imagination and prejudices from reality
6. Master your emotions at critical moments and remain calm
7. Make agreements that can be kept
8. Feel positive about the past, present and future
9. See the true beauty in yourself and your partner
10. Love unconditionally to create a fulfilling relationship

Implement the ideas in Love Now to discover how to move through any relationship issues and deepen your capacity for enjoyment, security and enduring love. Deborah presents a highly compassionate and practical guide to creating emotionally intelligent and long lasting relationships.

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Deborah Fairfull brings to people simple, practical and powerful ideas to enhance their every day lives. As the founder of Blisspot, an online community that encourages sharing positive ideas, and the author of Bliss Every Day, Love Now and Glow While You Grow, Deborah aims to help us to return to our natural state of wellness. She also teaches meditation with her skills based in her kinesiology training with a background in counselling and psychology.

Deborah has written an easy to read, accessible and compelling guide, introducing a new paradigm in self-belief and effective communication in relationships. Deborah has illustrated this through many case studies and examples enabling the reader to rediscover their 'unique connection' and the intimacy they once had with their partner. We all want to “maintain the spark” and stay refreshed in our relationships, Deborah has provided the guide to achieve this. Once again Deborah's understanding of the human condition and our inner workings has helped unlock a pathway to clarity and joy. ~ Finola Mawhood

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